The LifeSkills Centre Inc.

Spring is Here
Everyone at The LifeSkills Centre is very happy to be outside enjoying lessons and activities.   The time outside gives everyone a break from wearing their masks .
It has been a difficult year maneuvering this COVID.  The LifeSkills Centre continues to work  safe following the protocols that we put in place when we returned in August.    I am so impressed with how everyone has adapted to wearing masks, using sanitizers and keeping their distance from their friends.   

We have taken lesson plans outside.  Here is Ewa making cheese .  Just a little shake


We are lucky to be part of  Windy Woods Co-operative Homes.

We have wonderful areas to spend time outside .

Everyone enjoys the basket ball court.



Life has been difficult.  At The LifeSkills Centre we  take life situations and present them in a teachable life skill.  We have incorporated ” You can do hard things” into our lesson plans and activities.  Life can always be relied upon to give you flip.  How do we handle what comes at us?     Our lesson plans in our “New Home Group” and “Home Alone” have brought the problems of COVID to the surface.  Time is spent working on activities that open up the fears and confusion to be spoken about with our peers and friends. It helps to know sometimes that we are not alone in our thoughts. Our lesson plans are geared to assist people to gain the skills necessary to “Do Hard Things”.   It is difficult sometimes to learn that we have no control over a situation.    We see mistakes as steps to success not a mistake.


In the common room we are working hard to keep things normal.   Change is hard for some people. The day is fun with our themes mixed into the game.  We have found with a smaller group, that  people are  participating longer and trying new activities.  It is a very fun and active room.

The LifeSkills Centre continues to work hard to keep our Centre a safe and fun place to be .