Skills For Life

Skills for life is our active day service that assists people living with a disability to identify any goals they may have for their future – whether it be to attain employment, a volunteer position, or simply to become a more active member of their community. Our activities are created with each person’s special needs in mind. The goals of our members have been divided into four main facilitation services: Home, Employment, Community, and Independence.

Skills For Life: Home

These members have expressed the wish to have their own living space.

We utilize an apartment to provide hands-on learning in our home management skills training. An assessment is completed in 3-month increments to identify the areas of independence and the areas where support is required.

Areas of Focus:

  • Safety in the home and community
  • Independent living
  • House keeping
  • Basic cooking (using a microwave)
  • Money management and consumer awareness
  • Emergency information

Skills for Life: Employment

These members have identified the desire to obtain a paying job or volunteer position within the community.

The activities used for employment readiness focus on preparing each person for future employment. The skills this group will build enables them to not only get the job, but to keep the job as well.

Areas of Focus:

  • Task analysis – focus on specific skills and identification of work strengths and interests
  • Finances – bills, budgets and banking
  • Transportation – city bus training
  • Work ethic
  • Self worth and the ability to ask for help
  • Work experience – Windy Woods Co-operative provides in-house opportunities to practice an employable skill

Skills for Life: Community

This particular group has the common goal to acquire knowledge about their personal connection to the community.

The main focus of these activities are self-confidence and self-worth. It is important for this group to know that making a mistake is not a failure, rather it is an opportunity to learn.

Areas of Focus:

  • Safety in the home
  • Money and finance skills
  • Community outings, real life experiences and integration
  • Finding information
  • What to share and what not to share about yourself
  • Being safe in the community
  • Awareness of your community

Skills for Life: Independence

This particular group has the common goal to acquire knowledge about themselves.

Areas of Focus:

  • Budgeting and consumer awareness
  • Saving money and identifying a goal
  • Emergency information
  • Knowing who I am and what I need help with
  • Personal hygiene and ownership of appearance
  • Self esteem, self-worth and assertive training
Drop-in Day Services

Not sure what to do during PD days, March Break and Summer Break? Give us a try! This is an excellent opportunity to introduce our services to your child prior to their graduation.

Half Day Services

We offer half day services specific to a certain skill Monday through Thursday from 9:30am until 11:30am.

  • Monday:             Money Skills and Management
  • Tuesday:             Microwave Cooking for One
  • Wednesday:       Personal Hygiene
  • Thursday:           Personal Awareness
Before & After Services

Need to get to work? While you are working, we will take care of your special needs child while helping them develop important life skills. This service runs from 7:30am until 5:00pm.

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