Welcome to The Life Skills Centre

Providing an enriching and supportive environment where people are encouraged to achieve their optimum potential through interaction and participation.

The LifeSkills Centre is an active day service that assists people living with a disability to identify any goals they may have for their future. Our activities are created with each person’s special needs and skills in mind. The LifeSkills Centre’s celebration of small accomplishments is resulting in people dreaming a little bigger and seeing themselves in a new light of what they are capable of doing.

About Us

Skills for Life

Offering customized services to support the unique needs of people with disabilities who are looking to gain new life skills and independence.


Ideal for those who have identified the wish to have their own living space.


Acquire skills in knowing oneself, self-esteem, proper hygiene and assertive communication.


Understanding the value of money, spending, banking, budgeting and saving for a goal.


Practice using the city bus and learn how to read a bus schedule.


Being a good employee, presenting a good work ethic and knowing how to ask for help.


Building relationships, being a responsible roommate and treating people with respect.

Join Us In Creating A Brighter Future!

Please contact us with any questions or to learn more about the services we provide.

Financial Assistance:
Passport Funding

Did you know Passport Funding can be used for fees related to our services?

According to Ministry of Community and Social Services, any adult who is eligible for developmental services funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services may apply for funding. Adults who are eighteen and still in school may apply for funding through Passport. To learn more, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my son/daughter to The LifeSkills Centre?

Transportation to and from The LifeSkills Centre is the responsibility of the caregiver, as we do not provide transportation services. Most people use Paratransit.

Who is on staff at The LifeSkills Centre?

We employ qualified and experienced staff who have a Developmental Service Worker and/or Social Services Worker College diploma.

What is a Quality Circle?

The Quality Circle is an opportunity for the person attending, their parents/support staff, and The LifeSkills Centre to share information and identify a goal for the year. Activities and resources are identified that would lead the person to their established goal.

How can I register my son/daughter?

Please contact us to arrange for a tour and choose your days of service. We also offer drop in days to acquaint the person with our services.

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