Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my son/daughter to The LifeSkills Centre?

Transportation to and from The LifeSkills Centre is the responsibility of the caregiver, as we do not provide transportation services. Most people use Paratransit.

Who is on staff at The LifeSkills Centre?

We employ qualified and experienced staff who have a Developmental Service Worker and/or Social Services Worker College diploma.

What is a Quality Circle?

The Quality Circle is an opportunity for the person attending, their parents/support staff, and The LifeSkills Centre to share information and identify a goal for the year. Activities and resources are identified that would lead the person to their established goal.

How can I register my son/daughter?

Please contact us to arrange for a tour and choose your days of service. We also offer drop in days to acquaint the person with our services.

Do you accept high school students during the summer?

We are pleased to have students drop in for summer break. You can access either daily or weekly services.

What is your staff-to-attendee ratio at The LifeSkills Centre?

We are a one staff to five people ratio (1:5). We cannot accommodate a one staff per attendee ratio.

Can you accommodate a person requiring a lift in the washroom?

We can assist a person in their toileting routine but cannot provide two staff support for lifting and do not have a mechanical lift.

How does Passport funding work?

Passport is a program that helps adults 18 years or older with a developmental disability to participate in their communities. It also helps caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability take a break from their caregiving responsibilities.

The LifeSkills Centre is not directly funded by Passport. We invoice you and provide ample time for you to submit the bill to Passport and receive the funding. When payment is received, the invoice will be marked paid. Invoices can be emailed to you and your payment can be made electronically using e-transfer services through your bank. Access to funding under the program is subject to available resources.

To learn more about Passport funding, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services website:

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