About The LifeSkills Centre

Since 1996 The LifeSkills Centre has been assisting people living with a cognitive disability to gain the skills necessary to be a participating member of their home and community.

We opened The LifeSkills Centre based on the belief that a person should be challenged in respect to expectations and to be provided the opportunity to learn/progress even from their mistakes. We have the privilege of seeing the positive effects of our philosophy. We see the people who utilize our services push aside their fears and try new situations with confidence.

The LifeSkills Centre’s celebration of small accomplishments is resulting in people dreaming a little bigger and seeing themselves in a new light of being capable of taking on tasks and roles not formerly considered. The foundation of The LifeSkills Centre is in assisting the person to develop a sense of oneself.

Our Mission

To provide an enriching and supportive environment where people are encouraged to achieve their optimum potential through interaction and participation in the community.

Our Goals

The LifeSkills Centre strives to provide individuals with:

  • A safe and enjoyable atmosphere
  • A continuum of moving towards attaining the necessary skills to become an active member of their community
  • Growth of personal awareness and education within the community at large
  • A positive environment where they have the ability to meet their full potential
  • Employment skills training for those who are interested in attaining volunteer or employee positions in the future

Join Us In Creating A Brighter Future!

Please contact us with any questions or to learn more about the services we provide.