Being back at LifeSkills

The LifeSkills Centre is fast approaching its twenty-six year.  The past two years has taught us  how unpredictable life can be.   Some of the protocols had an instant impact .  Last year we had very few colds or flu not associated with COVID.  We feel this was because people wore masks and we took temperatures sending people home that were ill before they joined the group.   We wish to thank all the parents and agencies for their support and understanding as we abided by the mandates .  We will be continuing to have staff wear masks and will continue to take temperatures in the morning upon arrival.

We will continue to look at our protocols for wearing mask.

In May, Mary-Jane  had  knee surgery and  Cheryl Enns and staff took on more of  the duties Mary-Jane had previous handled.  Everyone did such an excellent job that Mary-Jane, upon her return made the decision to cut back her time at The LifeSkills Centre to Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  This has worked out very well.

We continue to work with people to take on new tasks.    At The LifeSkills Centre  in apartment 102 and 104, we  take life situations and present them in a teachable life skill.  We have incorporated ” You can do hard things” into our lesson plans and activities.  Life can always be relied upon to give you a flip.  How do we handle what comes at us?    Time is spent working on activities that open up the fears and confusion to be spoken about with our peers and friends. It helps to know sometimes that we are not alone in our thoughts.  Our lesson plans are geared to assist people to gain the skills necessary to “Do Hard Things”.   It is difficult sometimes to learn that we have no control over a situation.    We see mistakes as steps to success not a mistake.

Change is hard for some people in the common room . The day is fun with our themes mixed into the game.  We have found with a smaller group, that  people are  participating longer and trying new activities.  It is a very fun and active room.

The LifeSkills Centre continues to work hard to keep our Centre a safe and fun place to be .   We are so pleased that people are returning and present as excited about the activities planned.    Here is to the next year at  The LifeSkills Centre.

Please come as see us call to book a tour and see first hand a day in the Life of LifeSkills.

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