The LifeSkills Centre is Open Again

The LifeSkills Centre is happy to be open

 It has been a difficult year and a half for everyone.  We missed our fun summer activities.  It was very quiet being here without all the people who usually fill our day.  We know it was difficult for parents and the people who attend also.

We wish to thank our parents for their constant support in our decisions in how to keep everyone safe.  We are so pleased that our parents believed as we do that the vaccine is the way to combat this pandemic.

Everyone, including staff are double vaccinated.  We are continuing to wear masks indoors.

Learning about life

This pandemic has provided excellent learning opportunities to the people who attend.  People struggled in the beginning with their masks but as time went on people became accustom and did not require reminders to wear the mask.  People became familiar with using sanitizer and being patient, we cleaned the tables after each activity. The property of Windy Woods Co-operative Homes afforded us many opportunities to be outside once we returned and not wear our masks.

The pandemic sparked many conversations and debated with the people attending our Apartment 104 and we were pleased with the understand they processed of the situation.

This pandemic has been a difficult time and very sad for many people who lost loved ones.   The memory of this will fade as the Spanish flu did for my mother’s generation.  Let us not be caught unaware next time

We look forward to celebrating our twent-five anniversary this fall   It feels so good to be back at work with everyone.

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